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Yuchnin Vladimir Evgenjevich

   Director and chief designer, the North Design Bureau.
   Born in 1937, in Leningrad.
   Designer and shipbuilding organiser.
   Graduated from the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute (1960) and the Military Mechanical Institute. A Doctor of Technical Sciences (1988). A Professor (1990). An Academician of the St. Petersburg Engineer Academy (1992). An Academician of the Russian Engineer Academy (2001). A specialist in modern design of surface warships and complex research vessels. Works in the North Design Bureau (1960): engineer, deputy chief designer (1971), director and chief designer (1979).
   Took part in designing, building and trials of 56, 56K, 58 and 61 projects ships. Participated in building of a large anti-submarine ship of 1135 project, starting from a conceptual design and finishing with the lead ship commissioning and commencing quantity production. The deputy chief designer of the heavy nuclear missile cruiser of 1144 project Kirov. The chief designer, author and chief developer of all modern warships (heavy nuclear cruisers of 1144 project; missile cruisers of 1164 project, large anti-submarine ships of 1155 project; destroyers of 956 project; coastal escort ships of 11351 project; export frigates of 61ÝĚ project and others). An organizer of business relations with enterprises building these ships. Have developed a project of the cruiser Aurora restoration. Took part in designing and building of dry cargo vessels, chemical carriers, development of passenger ships design. In the network of “The Russian Fleet Revival” project participated in designing and building of dry cargo ships, chemical carriers, designing of various passenger ships and also ships of other purposes (fishing, environment protection, etc.).
   In 1995-2000 a heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” and a large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Chabanenko” were build and commissioned to the Navy under his direction and with his personal participation. Both vessels are actually lead ships. They have accumulated the best shipbuilding technologies. Their high navigability and capacity of attack, anti-aircraft, anti-submarine arms enable to consider them the ships of the XXI century.
   Nowadays Yuchnin directs and participates in designing of future Russian Fleet ships and also in conversion works. During the recent years several bulkers, dry cargo carriers and chemical tankers have been build for the foreign customer after the bureau’s projects.
   Under the Government decision, Yuchnin heads scientific cooperation with China, India, Vietnam.
   Two ships for China have been built, three ships for India are being built, a patrol vessel for Vietnam has been built after the bureau’s project.
   More than 100 large combat ships and a great amount of commercial vessels were built under direction of Yuchnin and with his participation.
   Since 1990 heads the Ship Designing department of the St. Petersburg University of Marine Technologies.
   The author of more than 50 scientific works and inventions (32 published works, 2 books, 2 series of lectures, 12 monographs and 16 inventions).
   A member of many interdepartmental shipbuilding associations, including the Academic Council of the Central Research Institute named after the academician Krylov, the Problem Board of the Russian Academy of Technical Sciencies, the Scientific Board of the North Design Bureau, since 1990 - a member of the editorial board of “Sudostrojenie” journal.
   Awarded with the Order of October Revolution (1988), the Order of Labour Red Banner (1985), “Sign of Honour” (1977), jubilee medals.
   Married, with two sons.

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