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Voytetski Vitold Vitalievich

    Born in December 1931 in the town of Sestroreck in the Leningrad region. His father was a regular officer, deputy head of the Leningrad frontier guard military district for combat training who commanded a Special Forces division and fought at Potsdam. His mother died in 1938, and Vitold stayed in a children's home for the whole duration of the war. His attempt to enter the Naval Frontier Guard College failed due to medical reasons. Subsequently graduated from the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute.
   Actively participated in sports activities. Upon graduation worked in the Naval Scientific Research Institute, then transferred to the Krylov Central Scientific Research Institute as a senior engineer.
   Since those times Mr. Voitetsky has been involved in the field of automated control systems and technical naval equipment. He headed a research laboratory at the Krylov Central Scientific Research Institute, later was deputy director of the "Luch" Central Construction Bureau for automation of nuclear power plants. In 1971 appointed the chief engineer of the "Aurora" Scientific and Production Enterprise. In 1984 becomes the general director of the company. Holds a doctor's degree in technical sciences, professor of the Automatics Department of the St. Petersburg State Technical University. Academician of the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy and the Academy of Navigation and Transit Authority. State prize and Lenin prize winner, decorated with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and the Badge of Honor.
   Married. Lives in a two-room flat with his wife and a dog to protect her; practically every evening drives out to a recently built country house. In his youth was an excellent basketball player, champion of the intercollegiate country competition. Mr Voitetsky likes to hunt, can tell a fresh joke, enjoys pop music. He likes small quiet restaurants, but also cooks well himself. His son is a professional motor rally racer and a director of a transportation enterprise; he is also married and has two daughters.
   Currently he is the general director of the "Aurora" Scientific and Production Enterprise.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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