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Poletayev Boris Ivanovich

   General Director and General Constructor of Arsenal Construction Bureau, a well-known expert in the area of space rocket technology, author of many science articles and inventions, Candidate of the Technical Sciences, professor at the Baltic State Technical University ("Voyenmekh"), member of the Tsiolkovsky Space Academy, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Space Council, member of the "Nevsky Bastion" military technology almanach's editorial committee.
    Born on June 13, 1946 in a family of doctors. Graduated from secondary school 1964. He has always been attracted to precise and technical sciences. When time came to choose a higher education institution, he did not hesitate in his choice of a technical school, although his parents wanted him to receive medical education.
    In 1964 he has been admitted to the Mechanics Faculty of the Leningrad Institute of Military Technology. Beginning with the third school year, he has been spending his vacations in construction work brigades, which helped him financially and, at the same time, taught him many useful skills.
   After graduating from the Institute he was directed to work at Arsenal, where, contrary to his expectations, he found himself on an exciting job that almost completely corresponded to the topic of his thesis paper, the liquid and gas dynamics of underwater ballistic missile launches.
    He has started as a senior technician and ended up as the bureau's General Constructor. He has directly participated in the development of many promising rocket technologies. Author of nearly 60 invention patents, many among those have been applied in advance machinery samples. He is maintaining close ties with Voenmekh, striving to improve engineering personnel training, mainly for the space industry.
   Father of two grown-up daughters and three grandsons, Kirill, Mikhail and Mikhail Jr. Enjoys spending his spare time outside the city, with his relatives and friends.

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