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Peshkov Anatoli Borisovich

   General director of the "Ivan Fedorov" joint-stock enterprise, Honored Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation, Master of technical sciences.
   Born in 1939 in the Tula region. He started his career in the printing industry in 1956 as a retoucher's apprentice. After the naval service he successfully graduated from one of the branches of the Moscow Polygraphical Institute, then finished graduate school in Moscow. At various times he has held the positions of a master, deputy head of the technical department, chief engineer, deputy director of a publishing house, factory director.
   Following his appointment to the position of director of the offset printing factory #1, A. Peshkov had promptly made many technological renovations and led the factory to the list of the top printing enterprises of the country. He was the first to introduce a shop that specializes in electronic color separation, and to develop a new direction in the technology of large-scale reproduction in printing. For these achievements the factory was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, and A. Peshkov - the Badge of Honor.
   Since 1986 A. Peshkov has been the general director of the "Ivan Fedorov Print House" enterprise. A publishing and printing complex was created on the basis of the offset printing factory, a complex that successfully continues the best traditions of Russian printing in publishing high-quality books and magazines. The company was one of the first in the industry to be transformed into a joint-stock enterprise. In 1991 A. Peshkov was awarded the title of an Honored Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation.
   Possessing deep knowledge and immense practical experience, A. Peshkov pays a lot of attention to the further development of the plant and the training of engineers and technical personnel. A.Peshkov is a senior lecturer at the St. Petersburg Polygraphic Institute, Moscow State Printing University, a full member of the International Academy of Informatization in the department of publishing and journalism, member of the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy. He is one of the creators of a branch of the Cosmonautic Federation in our city. A.Peshkov is the president of the North-Western Association of Polygraphy Workers. In 1997 A.Peshkov was ordained as a member of an International Order of Saint Konstantin the Great.
   In 1998 by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation A.Peshkov was awarded the Order of Friendship for his contributions to the country. He is fond of hunting, fishing and amateur photography.
   "Ivan Fedorov" enterprise contains three printing houses, located in different districts of the city. Each one has its technological distinctions, which allows each to have its own character and to issue production that satisfies modern requirements.
   The repro-center of "Ivan Fedorov" offers a complete set of pre-printing services - from scanning to output from disks. It also produces color-separated diapositive images from originals (slides, photographs, prints) on "Crosfild" equipment and manufactures film on Image Setter Hypen ULTRE 2400. The plant is outfitted with equipment that allows to render a full specter of printing and book-binding services to clients. It also offers aid in purchasing paper, cardboard and binding materials and can deliver the product when necessary.

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