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Matvienko Valentina Ivanovna

   Governor of Saint-Petersburg.
   Born in 1949 in the town of Shepetovka in Khmelnitsky region of the Ukraine. Graduated from the Leningrad Chemical Pharmaceutical Institute in 1972, from the Academy of Social Sciences at the Central Committee of the Communist Party in 1985. In 1991 completed the Advanced Training Courses for the Administrative Diplomatic Workers at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of External Affairs. Fluent in German and English languages.
   1972-1977 - Head of a department, secretary, first secretary of the Comsomol Committee of the Petrograd district in Leningrad.
   1977-1984 - Secretary, second secretary, first secretary of the Comsomol Committee of Leningrad.
   1984-1986 - First secretary of the Communist Committee of the Krasnogvardeiski district in Leningrad.
   1986-1989 - Deputy chairman of the Executive Committee of the Leningrad Council of the People's Deputies.
   1989-1990 - Chairwoman of the Supreme Soviet Committee on the women's affairs, protection of families, children and motherhood.
   1991-1992 - Ambassador of the USSR to the Republic of Malta.
   1992-1994 - Ambassador of Russia to the Republic of Malta.
   1994-1995 - Special assignment ambassador of the Group of special assignment ambassadors.
   1995-1997 - Director of the Department on the liaisons with the Russian Federation's subjects, the parliament and social-political organizations of the Ministry of the External Affairs of the Russian Federation.
   1995-1997 - Member of the board of the Ministry of the External Affairs of the Russian Federation.
   1997-1998 - Ambassador of Russia in the Republic of Greece.
   From September 1998 - Deputy Premier Minister of the Russian Federation.
   Decorated with federal awards, including the Order of the Working Red Banner (1982), Badge of Honor (1976), Order For Services to the Homeland of the 3rd degree (1999).
   Married, has a son.

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