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Zubkov Viktor Alekseevich

   Head of the Financial Monitoring Committee.
   Born in 1941, in Sverdlovskaya Oblast.
   Graduated from the Economic Faculty of the Leningrad Agricultural Institute in 1965.
   1967-1985 - headed collective farms in Leningradskaya Oblast. Director General, a regional association of collective farms; Head of the Department of Agriculture and Food Industry.
   Since 1985 has been working in the Executive Committee of Leningradskaya Oblast and the St. Petersburg City Administration.
   1992-1993 - First Deputy Chairman, the External Affairs Committee of the St. Petersburg Administration.
   Since 1993 - Deputy Head, the Federal Tax Administration; Head of the St. Petersburg Tax Revision.
   1999 - appointed Deputy Minister of Taxes, Dues and Fees. Head of the St. Petersburg Regional Department of Taxes, Dues and Fees.
   1999 - stood for Governor of Leningradskaya Oblast.
   State Councillor of the First Rank, Tax Service.
   2000 - elected Chairman, the St. Petersburg Council of the "Unity" socio-political movement.
   2000 - appointed Coordinator of all North-West tax departments.
   November 1, 2001 - appointed Head of the Financial Monitoring Committee.
   Married, has a daughter.

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