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Vyazalov Sergei Yuryevich

First Deputy Minister of Finance of Russian Federation

Sergei Vyazalov is a graduate of the Leningrad engineering-construction institute. Since 1980 through 1987 he has stepped up in his career starting as senior engineer to principal engineer of Trust for roads' exploitation. Later on he worked as: deputy chief instructor of the Industrial Transportation Department of the Kuibyshevsky regional Committee of Communist party of the Soviet Union; deputy chairman of Executive Committee of the Kuibyshevsky district Soviet of People's deputies; head of administration in the St. Petersburg city administration represented in the Kuibyshevsky district. In July 1994 S. Vyazalov was appointed first deputy chairman of the Committee on Economy and Finance of the St. Petersburg city administration. In a team of young St. Petersburg economists and financiers, at that time chaired by Alexei Kudrin (today, vice-premier and Minister of Finance in the Russian Federation government), Sergei Vyazalov was responsible for the work of the Committee's economic block, in particular for finances and development of city Economy, fuel Energy Complex, city transport, construction, roads and bridges economy, questions of ecology.

Since December of 1996 Sergei Vyazalov is Advisor to the manager of filial of "Inkombank" in St. Petersburg. Since 1997 he became General Director of "Lenenergo". Since February 2000 Sergei Vyazalov worked as Advisor to chairman of the Board of RAO "EEC Russia". Before his recent post in the Russian government Sergei Vyazalov was General Director of Russian "Gosznak" organization.

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