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Podlevskih Igor Vladimirovich

   General director of JSC "Hamoneriya".
    Podlevskih Igor Vladimirovich is a general director of JSC "Hamoneriya". He was born 10 July 1968 in the region of Volgograd in the military family. In 1974 he moved to Leningrad. Since 1993 till 1995 worked in "The North trading Bank" as an affair's manager.
   In 1989 graduated from the Red October's High Artillery Commanding School of Leningrad by speciality "the engineer of exploiting artillery reconnaissance's apparatus".Till 1993 he served as an officer in the guards part of Russian Military Force.
   In 1996 graduated from The State University of Saint-Petersburg by speciality "economic and management of an enterprise". He obtained the certificate of a manager and an inspector of organization which realize the activity on the securities' market (broker', dealer' and agents' managing), he finished about 30 courses of advance qualification, training and seminars ("BFA", "Lenrstroy Invest Management", "Pioneer the first", "Laum", "PriceWaterhouse", "The solution", "Boyden", "Vedomosty", "Prime", Consulting group "Big", "Russian Entertainment Network, Inc", "Kachalov and partners", "Recont" etc.).
   He means that the manager of the "Lensrtoymaterial ", Aladushkin Alexander Nikolayevich, with whom he worked since 1996 till 2000 as a vice-chief of the region development's department, a director of branches' center and a financial director. He values his working experience in LTD "The Trading House" as an executive director and then as a general director since 2000 till December 2001 in a very high level.
   Since April 2002 he is a general director of JSC "Hamoneriya", which is realising the project of promoting the famous Spanish delicacy Hamona to the Russian market. In march 2003 the company opened the first hamoneriya in Russia - the shop with a tasting hall where townspeople and overseas visitors of Saint-Petersburg can feel the whole charm of the genuine Iberian Hamon, combined with cheese and wine.
   The peculiarity of Podlevskih I.V. is that he makes business directed to form the culture of using qualitative and healthy food. "It's not pleasant for me when Russian man is associated with a big volume drunk vodka. We are clever and talented people who merit a better life which accords to world standards."

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