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Murzin Yuri Zinovievich

   General Director of the "Horizon" Trading House.
   Born on May 24 1952 in Kiev, in the family of a military officer. Married, his wife is a theater director, and his son - a student at the St.Petersburg Conservatory. Upon graduation from the Higher Military-Political College served in the army, then studied at the Military-Political Academy. Has acquired vast experience in organization and administration during his 23 years of army service.
   In 1991-1997 he was the general director of the Russian-German-Polish joint venture "Lenpol", general director of the "Fortuna-Business" company and the "Peterfood" trading company. Since 1997 he is the general director of the "Horizon" trading house, a corporation which celebrated its 30th birthday in 1999 and is widely known to several generations of the city's inhabitants.
   The "Horizon" trading house actively participates in the city-wide social program "Care". It sells mostly Russian-made TV, video and audio equipment on payment plans, making its contribution to the revival of Russia's industry. High quality of customer service and a wide variety of services offered to clients have long ago made the "Horizon" trading house one of the most popular commercial enterprises of the city.
   Mr. Murzin associates his future with St.Petersburg and the "Horizon" trading house, with the realization of plans to further improve its services, strengthen civilized business relations between Russian entrepreneurs.
   In his rare free time Mr. Murzin loves to read, favoring historical literature and Russian criminal fiction. His favorite music is pop music of the Soviet period. He loves to cook, but seldom has time for cooking.
   He sees his contribution to St.Petersburg's future in actively promoting the development of civilized business conditions in the city and formation of small businesses.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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