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Melua Arkadij Ivanovich

   General director of the biographical international encyclopedia "Gumanistica."
   A. I. Melua was born on February 7, 1950. In 1973, while in military service, he graduated from the Leningrad College of Construction and Building Engineering. Since 1969 he has been working as an engineer at military establishments of the Defense Ministry. From 1974 he has been conducting scientific research. He had participated in the project of creation of a long-term moon base. A. I. Melua is the author several inventions related of moon constructions and space research equipment. In 1984 he had successfully completed a preparation program for space navigation. In 1985 he had presented his Doctorate thesis in the field of technical sciences. In 1991 he had defended his Doctorate dissertation in the field of bio-spherical research methodology and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Since 1975 he has been teaching. He is the author of over 500 scientific works on the topics of peaceful usage of space research, ecology, history of science and technology, and special engineering experiments. He also covered some aspects of financial market development in Russia in the 1990's. He has specialized in the methodology of data analysis. A. I. Melua has been working as the chief researcher and the branch director of the Institute of Technology and Natural Sciences at the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1986 he founded the International Fund of the History of Science. He is the initiator of the Nobel movement research as a social phenomenon in the history of science and the society. He was the first person in USSR to sign a declaration of the board of directors of the Nobel Fund. He was one of the organizers of two symposiums of Nobel Prize recipients, conducted in St. Petersburg. In October of 1991, due to A. I. Melua's efforts, Alfred Nobel memorial board was installed on Petrogradskaya naberezhnaya, 24, where the scientist had lived and worked for a short period of time. He is also the founder and the author of the biographical encyclopedia "Gumanistica", which came out at the Publishing House of the Sciences, as well as in the internet. A. I. Melua is the acting member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Academy of Space Research, St. Petersburg Academy of Engineering. He is the co-founder and member of the St. Petersburg business club. In 1993 he was awarded the Russian Academy of Sciences prize for his monograph "The Lessons of Ecological Miscalculations."

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