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Boris Zinkevich

   Born in Novosibirsk in 1953.
   Graduated from the V.I. Mukhina Higher School of Art and Industry (Department of Monumental Art) in 1982.
   Member of Russia's Artists' Association.
   Lives and works in St. Petersburg.
   His works are exhibited at: Russia's Ministry of Culture collection (Moscow); City History Museum, "Manege" Central Exhibition Hall (St. Petersburg); in private collections of Russia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, and the U.S.
   B. Zinkevich participated in local and international exhibitions since 1982.
   Personal exhibitions: UNESCO Center, St. Petersburg, 1992.
   Boris Zinkevich belongs to a generation of St. Petersburg artists that came to the art scene in the early 1980's. The new stylistic movement asserted itself primarily by its bold perception of the world and its natural approach to artistic representation of images. Zinkevich combined in his art the feelings of playful joy and of spiritual sincerity. His works are romantically impulsive and yet lyrically touching. Zinkevich's love for allegory and artistic metaphor bring a dreamy and naive quality to his works.
   The artist works in various techniques, such as painting, graphic arts and enamels. His painting is mainly devoted to subject compositions.

   Boris Zinkevich's photo album

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