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Yakhnin Rudolf Moiseevitch

   Graphic artist and painter.
   Yakhnin was born in 1938 in Leningrad and died in 1997 in St. Petersburg. He graduated from the Academy of Arts, the graphic faculty, and the studio of book graphic. Since 1972 has been a member of USSR Artists Association. He worked in publishing houses of Leningrad, Moscow and other cities, designed and illustrated more than 50 books, mainly historical.
   In works of R. Yakhnin the priority is given to the image of XVIII century Petersburg: building of a new capital, formation of Russian fleet, first won battles. The artist took advantage of deep knowledge of history, combining it with free fantasy, vivacity and convincingness. Traits of disappeared way of life are reproduced with nearly scientific accuracy. Besides, any of his work can be considered to be a philosophic sketch about dramatic relations between time and substance, mind and elements.
   Worldly recognized academician D.S. Likhatchev in one of his interviews told that works of Rudolf Yakhnin are worth not only European, but also world-wide recognition.
   In graphics Rudolf Yakhnin practiced linoleum engraving, in painting - water-colours and oil. He participated in many exhibitions of different scale, had 26 personal exhibitions in Petersburg and also personal exhibitions in other cities. His works were exhibited abroad as well, both on group exhibitions and personal ones.
   Works of Rudolf Yakhnin are stored in a number of Russian museums, including Naval Museum in St. Petersburg, as well as in numerous private collections in Russia and abroad (in Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Israel, USA, France).

   Portrait - photo of U.G. Belinskiy (Spb).

   Photograph album of Yakhnin Rudolf Moiseevitch

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