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Vilensky Ervin

E. Vilensky was born in 1938 in Kiev. Since 1939 he has been living in Leningrad - St. Petersburg. In 1960 Vilensky graduated from the Department of geological prospecting of the Leningrad Mining Institute. Ervin Vilensky took part in numerous geological expeditions to Chukotka, Far East, Siberia, Kazakhstan and other regions.

E. Vilensky has been engaged in art since 1998 using the mineral bits and the author's technique.

E. Vilensky is member of Russia's Union of Painters and the international federation of painters from 2002.

His personal exhibitions are in:

  • The "Fundus" gallery, St. Petersburg, 1999
  • "Khasad Avraam", St. Petersburg, 1999
  • The edition of journal "Zvezda", St. Petersburg, 2000
  • The Shuvalovsky Palace, St. Petersburg, 2000

Participation in exhibitions and seminars:

  1. International festival of art -- "Master-class 1999", St. Petersburg, 1999, 2000, 2002
  2. The festival "Creation of the World" (the Union of Painters' exhibition hall), St. Petersburg, 1999
  3. The charity exhibition (the Kochubey Palace), St. Petersburg, 1999
  4. The Moscow international art salon of the Central House of Painters - 2000, Moscow, 2000
  5. The erotic exhibition "Tell Me: Yes…" in the "Fundus" gallery, St. Petersburg, 2000
  6. The Christmas exhibition in the "Fundus" gallery, St. Petersburg, 2000
  7. "Mexico by the eyes of Russian painters", Moscow, 2000. The author received a grant of the Embassy of Mexico
  8. The art-vault "Stray Dog", St. Petersburg, 2001
  9. The Moscow international art salon of the Central House of Painters - 2001, Moscow, 2001
  10. The "World of Reflections" exhibition in Manezh (Central exhibition hall), St. Petersburg, 2001
  11. The "Erotica" exhibition in the "Valencia" gallery, St. Petersburg, 2001
  12. Art-seminar in Turkey, 2001:
    - micro-mosaic "Connection of Times" in dimensions 2.9X2.6 sq. m. on the facade of the St. Nicolas fund,
    - participation in the set up of the museum of Russian modern art in the city of Demre and a gallery in the city of Mersin,
    - exhibitions in the exhibition hall of the Mediterranean University, the city of Antalia.
  13. Artistic report on the art-seminar in Turkey, the "Stray Dog" art-vault, St. Petersburg, 2001
  14. "Japanese spring in St. Petersburg" (the Shuvalov Palace), St. Petersburg, 2001
  15. The Gallery "Gorokhovaya 55", St. Petersburg, 2001
  16. The 11th festival of the Ibero-American culture in Russia:
    - the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow, 2001
    - the Gallery "Gorokhovaya 55", St. Petersburg, 2001
  17. "Five years", the "Fundus" gallery, St. Petersburg, 2001
  18. "Golden brush", 2002, "New Manezh", Moscow, 2002
  19. The works of Ervin Vilensky are kept in private collections in Russia, Argentine, Denmark, USA, Sweden, Switzerland.
Photo Album of Ervin Vilensky

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