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Ozdoev Daud Osmanovich

   Born in 1959.
   His creative development as an artist was not easy. The first to notice his talent was a teacher of a dormitory art school.
   Since 1984 Ozdoev began to corroborate with famous Petersburg graphic artists. Much of his time he spends in self-studying works of great artists of last centuries, copying canvases in the Hermitage.
    While classicizing, Ozdoev put into his works his own new, modern substance. Later, through classics, the artist returned to national roots - folk epos of Ingushs, their history and literature.
   Each exhibition of Ozdoev's paintings and graphics is a kind of journey around the Caucasus. Lengthened horizontal format of pictures helps the painter not only to create a feeling of wide space, but also to make a landscape lofty and monumental. One of the main expressive tool in Ozdoev's painting is colour combined with distinct outlines.
   The artist is not afraid to experiment with such unpopular and forgotten genre as allegory Ozdoev belong to that generation of modern Russian artists, which can be called romantics. With total passion for abstractionism, futurism, etc. he keeps the traditions of realistic painting of 19th-20th centuries.
   Mastering the technique of distinguished artists of West-European and Russian school, Ozdoev has created his own style, which makes his works easily recognizable.

   1994 - Exhibitions in the USA: DIZAIN-ART, WEB-GALERY;
   1996 - Personal exhibition in he Ingush State Museum of Fine Arts (24 works were bought for museum's funds);
   1998 - Exhibition "Artists of Ingushetya", Ufa.
   2000 - Personal exhibition in the Ingush State Museum, Nazran;
   2000 - All-Russian exhibition "Towards the Third Millenium", House of Artists, Moscow.
   2001 - Personal exhibition in the Marble Hall of the Russian Ethnographic Museum, St. Petersburg;
   Works of the artist are stored in private collections in the USA, England, Germany, Norway, Austria, Australia, Finland, Latvia and Russia.

   Photo Album of Ozdoev Daud Osmanovich

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